Types of Product Water Soluble Fertilizers

Faster (NPK) –

For foliar spray as well as drip fertigation

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N.P.K. – 100% water soluble fertilizer essential micronutrients in chelated form for fulfill the need of basic nutrients of the each crop 100% water soluble, blended with all essential micronutrients(N.P.K.) in chelated form. Rapid and healthy growth of crop and recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrients supply.
Increases resistance against pest and diseases ultimately resistance against pest and diseases ultimately reduces cost on pesticides and fungicides. Early and uniform flowering, prevents flower and fruit dropping, results in more yield. Increases fruit quality, weight, colour, size and shelf life.


As per requirement of crop


1 Kg, 25 Kg

Cannon (Calcium Nitrate)

100% water soluble


N-NO3 – 14.4%, N- NH4 – 1.1%, N (T) – 15.5%, Ca-18.8%


Greenness to leaves.
Increase absorption power.
To get regular shape and increase size.


10 gm per liter of water


500 gm and 1000 gm


Used for all crops, vegetables, fruits, serials and pulses.