Lancer-liquid and Powder form

soil application
Iron-2.5% Manganese-1.0%, Zinc-3.0%, Copper-1.0%, Molybdenum-0.1%, Boran-0.5%
Its mixture of contains essential micronutrients improves quality and yield of plant.
Fe-important in photosynthesis and uptake of other micronutrients.
Zn- important in preparation of plant growth regulator, protein. Helpful in ripening of seeds and fruits.
Cu – Act as catalyst in all development stages of plants. Helpful in production of vitamin ‘A’ and reproduction capacity of plant.
Bo- It is use uptake Calcium and makes it available to plants. Use to uptake Nitrogen, help in production of protein.
Mn – Improves photo synthetic activities of plant and preparation of carotid riboflavin, ascorbic acid and protein in plant.
Mo-It is important nutrient for nitrogen fixation micro organics.
Used for all crops, vegetable, fruits, serials and pulses.
For spraying -500 ml Lancer use with 200 lit water and 10 Kg Lancer powder for 1 acre.
Packing - 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 05 lit in liquid and 5 Kg, 10 Kg 25 Kg in powder form.

Spark (Chelated Micronutrients with amino acid)

Iron-2.5%, Manganese-1.0%, Zinc-3.0%, Copper-1.0%, Molybdenum-0.1% Boron-0.5% with amino acid
Spark is useful to boost photosynthesis activity increase chlorophyll concentrations.
It formulated for delivering required micronutrients to the crop.
It helps to improve respiratory function and to boot metabolic activities.
It helps in pollination and fruit formation.
It provides readymade and rich source of nutrition.
It helps to active photo hormones and other growth substance in the crops-used for all crops, vegetable, fruits, serials pulses.
Spraying 250gms of spark with 200 liters of water.
250 gm 500 gm.