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Needless to say that 'Lokmangal Group’ is known as a one of well known industries in our State. The founder Chairman of the group is Hon’ble Co-operation, Marketing & Textile Minister of Maharashtra Shri Subhash (Bapu) Deshmukh. The Group is having its own three sugar factories, co-generation plant having capacity of 70 mega watt, ethanol project, dairy products, agriculture college, bio-technology college, tissue culture laboratory, drip irrigation bank, co-operative societies, multistate, spices, agriculture bazaar, construction company, jewelry shop, hospital & foundation (Social work) etc.

The Lokmangal Group

Lokmangal Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd.” is an agro based biotechnological production Company, established in 2006. It is one of the pride industries of Lokmangal Group.Lomangal Bio-Tech has a vision to accomplish dreams and an institution to transcend them. It flies their wings with a staunch desire to soar the heights of sky-high ambitions to innovate.The Company is committed to the environment they live in and their initiatives are preserving its natural resources and reaping rich benefits out of it, the most natural way.Their community awareness programme and research activities, beneficial bio-products have brought revolutionary change into agriculture community. Eco-friendly measures such as, extensive usage of bio-stimulants, bio-fertilizers, are enjoying mass appreciation.

Why Lokmangal Organic Products

We decided to look for specific qualities and it happened as expected. Today we have trustworthy Leaders & Partners with the following quality principles

  • Management Skill
  • Error free attitude
  • Work centric focus
  • Continuous improvement

Quality And Ethics

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our company complies with all the quality norms and ensure that the quality management system developed is thoroughly practiced before the dispatch of our product range. Our reputation for integrity and ethical practices reflects our uncompromising commitment to providing the best product available at a fair cost. We have appointed quality auditors to take care of the quality levels of each and every product before delivering them to our esteemed clients. The high levels of international quality standards have enabled us to make a mark of our firm in the Industry.

Our Product Range

NPK Mixture Fertilizers

Krishi Vardan – 18:18:10 & 20:20:00

Secondary Nutrients

Magnet – 10:05:10 (Granule&Powder)

Micro Nutrients

Lancer (Powder – Bucket) (Liquid – Bottle)


Azo – Azotobactor,Rihzo (Rihzobium),Phospho (P.S.B.),Composter (D.C.) Decomposing Culture

Straight Fertilizers

Zordar, Flame, Grow perfect, Boro plus, Lancer Zinc-12%, Lancer –Ferrous -12%, Spark

Water Soluble Fertilizers

19:19:19, 20:20:20, 13:00:45, 12:61:00, 00:52:34, 13:40:13, 00:00:50 & Canon

Plant Growth Promoter

Sardar ( Granule & Liquid ),Humic,Sulpho Plus,Nitro Charge,Tryzyme,Zycom,Stick up,Maxima,Speed,Growth promoters

Straight Fertilizers

One Stroke,Grow Perfect ,Flame,Drip Master,Boro Plus,Lancer-12- (Chelated Zinc),Lancer-12- (Chelated Ferrous)


Bordo Max,Blue Star,